Thursday, 29 October 2015

Coffee Snobbery 


Researching, to roast my own Costa Rican ‘Tarazu’ beans in my fabricated BBQ roasting drum, I learned that the French Roast was developed to simply make one’s beans ‘go farther’ by burning the coffee, to make it ‘stronger’, hence make more cups from a lb of beans. Thus a French roast is a poor man’s roast…

Where is the flavor & aroma ?  In the oil.

o   The tradition 1st crack [pop !] in roasting is the water coming to temperature

o   The 2nd  crack, is the oil coming to temperature; at which point, the oil starts coming to the surface of the bean...  Keep roasting and you physically burning the oil.

-Roast 15 seconds past the cresendo of the 2nd crack, remove ASAP and cool down in a LARGE metal bowl, stirring under a LARGE fan, so as to cool rapidly

-Let sit for a day to vent off the CO2

-Grind & enjoy !


-        Roast to and/or buy a ‘City Roast’ (medium).
-        If you like your coffee stonger, grind/add more [unburnt] coffee
-    Use a paper filter with a drip machine ?  Your filtering out the oil (taste)
-        Us a french press to extract the most flavor, while retaining the unburnt oils.

…and avoid that burned crap Starbucks dishes out.

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