Saturday, 10 October 2015

a few lines about 'ole

I'm for health care, education, privacy rights, protest rights, all while keeping the cost and size of government to a minimal.

I believe that white collar criminals should actually do serious time. And I believe that whilst we rehabilitate your criminal ass, you'll do it in an fairly austair jail.

I'm all for celebrating our fantastic multiculturalism, but you can keep your sharia law system back in Saudi Arabia. I cannot for the life of me, understand why Israel gets a free ticket to commit genocide against the Palestinian peoples.

I absolutely believe in the separation of church & state, which makes it frustrating to watch Harper and his TheoCons incrementally incorporate his evangelical agenda into virtually every piece of legislation; pulling on the threads of racism to divide Canadians.

Despite the fact that Muloney was ( and I can only trust, still is) a sanctimonious dickhead, I pine for the days of the old 'Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. I firmly believe that all politicians electioneer from slightly left of center, and then exercise power on the right side.

I do not expressly believe that simply because anyone wears a uniform, be it military or police  (or political) services, that it automatically makes one virtuous and honorable; all services inherently employ a small percentage of corrupt self-serving bastards. Once exposed, they should be publically stripped of their rank, their pension gains redistributed, flogged with great televised ceremony, and expunged from said organization, but alas, the majority will be slapped on the wrist and retained, much to the dis-service of Canada and Canadians.

Nuff said on that...

I am grateful that I now have two beautiful grandsons, that will allow me to make restitution for the mistakes I made, in raising my two (despite me) lovely, caring, smart and otherwise great children.

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