Tuesday, 29 December 2015

RCMP chief’s comments about racism 

fuel tense relations with officers

regarding:  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/rcmp-chiefs-comments-about-racism-fuel-tense-relations-with-officers/article27949267/

Really ?

Do not read me wrong here; I have the utmost respect for the majority of police officers of all stripes, who are some of the finest Canadian citizens we have.

However comma, it is in this case, the RCMP Union's response, that [has been] continues to be the problem [notice I did not use the politically correct term 'challenge'].

As the Commissioner had the balls to publicly concede, that which every Canadian knows to be a fact; we have a significant number [any # is to many] of racists in our police forces ....really...you're kidding...

We also have a number of officer's who, emulating  their mirrored numbers from Canadian society [despite apparent recruit  vetting procedures] who are corrupt, self-serving and generally not interested in getting their uniforms dirty.

It is precisely this minority, and the majority's refusal to acknowledge the former's unimpeded existence, that is the primary cause of the nation wide public relations campaign that the police are rapidly losing.

Increasingly, where joe-average-Canadian is concerned, a tazer is employed, where a conversation may very well have cleared things up, to everyone's satisfaction. Increasingly,  a 9mm pistol round is employed, where a tazer would have sufficed. Increasingly, 5 or 6 or 10 rounds are employed, where one round, would have done the job just fine...

Commissioner Paulson has called them [the racists, the corrupt, the self-serving] out, and according to the Union, their feelings are hurt...

I'll respond un-politically, in language I'm very sure that you'll be able to relate to...suck it up princess.

And while your at it, please direct your violent tendencies , towards the mafia and criminal biker gang elements, instead of joe-average-citizen, and you might just start gain a measure of respect, back from the average Canadian.

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